Quiet, serene, friendly, and a village for all seasons, are just a few ways to describe the village of Cherry Creek.  As a village for all seasons there is fishing in protected streams,canoeing on the nearby dredge. There is skiing not far away, snowmobile trails, horse back riding, hunting in some of the finest woods, a great array of bird watching, and opportunity to just listen to the corn grow in the summer.

According to history often Wednesday evenings a hundred years ago, there would be a band seated on the porch of the hardware performing a concert.  People came from far and near to listen and even dance on the sidewalk below.  Today the tradition continues on Thursday evening in the Memorial Park and Gazebo.  People still come from far and near to listen to a varity of music, and they still dance.

Cherry Creek was once known through the United States.  A person could go into almost any grocery store on the Continent and find canned goods from Cherry Creek.  Cherry Creek has been referred to as the biggest little town/village in Chautauqua County, New York.  It could claim that title today because of its Independence celebration.  Cherry Creek, for it's size, can boost nearly the largest parade and fire works in the county.

Historians of a hundred years ago spoke of the hustle and bustle of the Village.  Today one only needs to set along Main St. (RT83) listening and watching to know thereis much activity in the Village.  You can hear and see the teenagers as they walk up and down the Main St. to visit the Ball Park where there is sure to be some sort of game.  There is seldom a day that you do not hear some machine running as they mow lawns, plow snow, dig holes and do some building project.  Cherry Creek is a village of much activity.

We have the privilege of having three churches in the village where there is something for everyone.  The Church are; the Assembly of god, The Baptist and The United Methodist.  The Masons Lodge and the Lions club are also both active.

There are four eateries where one can get some very fine country food and renew friendships or just catch up on the latest news. One can lodge at the Cherry Creek Inn for quite and comfort and have some delicious food prepared by sone of the best cooks around.  If you want to know something about the area the Inn Keeper is the person to talk to, as she is also the Historian for the area.  Amish groups and their many shops also surround Cherry Creek.  One can purchase baked goods, wood crafts, jams and jellies, leather goods and so mush more.  The Amish also offer an array of services.  they have people who will build for you, roof for you, make cabinets for you and sew for you. 

Cherry Creek is great place to visit where you can get a bite to eat.  You can have a relaxing time in the parks and go exploring for the Amish shops (never on Sunday).  You will always be welcome to the activities at the churches and parks.  You will find the people to be friendly and always ready to tell you about what is happening and where you can find these activities.